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Bonus: 100% match bonus up to ,000 on first ten deposits (for up to 0,000)!

Rome Casino

Rome Casino Overview

Rome Casino is a new online casino that seeks to provide players with a place to play the most popular games in the most secure setting. The casino itself offers a nice selection of games and it runs on a downloadable casino platform. It is one of the many online casinos to come along that have taken a stand to offer more security, as well as a fair gaming experience. Rome Casino has both tables games and machine games, including slots and video poker. With many different deposit options and bonus plans available, it’s quickly becoming a popular place to play.

Rome Casino has many different deposit options available for players, depending upon where they live. No matter if players need to use a credit card or some sort of online wallet, they can make it happen with Rome Casino. The available deposit options are as follows:

* Credit cards
* Neteller (for international players)
* My Wallet
* eWallet Express
* eCheck
* Cash transfer through Western Union or Moneygram
* Ecocard

The fees on these deposits vary, but players should understand that the bonuses will typically cover any and all fees, plus much more than that. Players who deposit through a credit card must fill out and submit a credit card verification form before they can request a withdrawal. That is one of the many security measures on the site to keep players safe.

Rome Casino Amex Deposit Info

Rome Casino makes it easy to deposit funds using an American Express card (Amex) once you have installed the free casino software. Once you make your deposit, the funds are ready nearly right away for you to start playing. One thing to ensure is that the name and address you use are the exact same as for your Amex account. When you make this deposit, it is guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure by Rome Casino, and to put you even more at ease, the security code of your Amex is actually kept on American Express servers instead of on Rome Casino servers. The only downside is that you are not able to withdraw money back onto your Amex.

Rome Casino Games

Among the many games available at Rome Casino are the old time casino favorites Blackjack and Roulette. Players get to take advantage of high speed table game software that really puts the pace of play to an entirely different level. These games are one part of the equation, as the other part is the video section.

Video poker and slots make up a huge part of the appeal of Rome Casino. There are many different kinds of jackpot slots and a bunch of different bonus video poker games to choose from. Popular favorites like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are among the choices, along with several others.

Rome Casino Bonus and Promotions

One thing that has made the Rome Casino such a good choice thus far is its available bonus program. The casino offers the following bonus programs, all of which are automatically credited to accounts of users.

* 100% match bonus up to ,000 on first ten deposits (for up to 0,000)!
* Remus’ Welcome Bonus: One time, 400% bonus deposit up to $3,000 on an initial deposit.
* Copia’s Cash Back Bonus: Offers 25% cash back to players on their first deposit.
* Weekday player bonuses up to 50% for keno players and 15% cash back for table game players.

These offers are designed to give players a boost not only at the beginning of their time with the casino, but also during the down times. They are especially important for those players who are making initial deposits, though, since these are the largest available bonuses from the casino.

Rome Casino Bonus Code: Automatic

and receive 100% match bonus up to ,000 on first ten deposits (for up to 0,000)!

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